Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting my website! It would be my honor to represent you and the 65th District in the Kansas House of Representatives. Through my experiences as a Marine in Vietnam, a former educator and a manager of operations for a multi-state outpatient facility, it has become clear to me that getting back to basics is the best approach in life, in work and for our state.

Concern for our future in the 65th District – and Kansas as a whole – is what led me to run for the House, and it is that concern that will impact how I approach leadership in the Statehouse. We must have good schools so that our kids can learn and we must have good-paying jobs so that our children and grandchildren will stay in our community and start their own families here. Together, we must continue working to ensure that our state is the best place to live, work and raise our families.

I appreciate your interest in the future of our district and our state, and I invite you to contact me with your questions, ideas and concerns. You may reach me personally at 785-375-2428 or lgclark6266@yahoo.com. Lastly, I thank you, in advance, for your support and your vote on November 4th.


Lonnie Clark